Do you Believe in Supernatural Miracles?

So you don’t believe In Supernatural miracles?

This is what happened to my friend Chris Harrison the other day, with whom I work with in the ministry.
“Last night I was getting something at CVS pharmacy. I “accidentally” clicked cash back even though I didn’t need it. I was about to hit cancel when I felt prompted to get ten dollars.

Today, I was getting gas and a man walked up to me. He said, “I need to get blood pressure medicine filled, it’s $10. You can go on with me and see that I’m telling the truth.”

I did that and gave the man $10. He was very grateful. He said “are you a preacher?” I said yes. He said “do you have three daughters?” I said “I do actually.”

He said “wow”. I realized that I didn’t have the money and I prayed that God would provide. The Holy Spirit told me that he would provide me with a preacher who had three daughters that would pray for me for my blood pressure and provide me the money needed. He also told me that I must pray for that mans blood pressure.”

Mine has been high for three weeks. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I have a massive infection. I prayed for him and he prayed for me.

That’s no coincidence! God does miracles.”

How cool was that?!

My son Marc has been back with us at home for one month and leaving back overseas in one week and he has seen God provide in so many awesome ways. Actually, it has been in supernatural ways and really incredible. We both have been blown away by it and it’s just put a fresh desire in me to go and do!

It’s when one is “going and doing” is when one sees and experiences those “supernatural moments” and miracles.

I’ve seen a lot over the years and am all the more excited to see more. Why? Because that’s when peoples lives are being encouraged and changed.

I read a tweet by Matthew Barnett the other day which is right on:

“Encouragement is a ministry you can start at any time with no budget necessary”


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