Change Is Coming!

Change is coming…

It’s right around the corner…

This day. This hour.

Faith, Hope, Love. Believe = Receive.

Peoples lives are being touched, transformed, healed, hope restored, renewed dreams and visions.

Rise up and go. Go bless. Go give. The world needs you, your family needs you, your neighbors need you.

What? Yeah you.

Go change the world, go change your world. Nothing will change if we don’t go. When you are going and doing is when your dreams are becoming, being birthed into a reality.

Last year I flew over 100,000 miles going and coming. This year will be even more. Our vision and purpose hasn’t changed, it’s just gotten a whole lot bigger. Life is rewarding and exciting when you are going and doing.

This is why I also like the quietness of the morning hour. The sky is just starting to be illuminated by the suns rays. A nice cup of hot black coffee, my Bible and the Lord. What a way to start the day. And then it’s, you guessed it, “going and doing!” Ha!

I wish for all of us that are going and doing is all about our purpose and calling but often it is not.

My wife Mara is a great example of this. When we were married 28 years ago this April we were both in Youth With A Mission. After our honeymoon we were off to India. Then after our YWAM days we went into pastoral ministry. Most of this time was serving as church staff as Associate Pastor, or Youth, worship leader and for two years we were Pastors of a church we successfully planted in West Los Angeles and successfully closed it. 🙂

She is a Registered Nurse and worked for some time as one before we were married as she is ten years older than me. When we left full-time ministry back in 2001 she went back to work. Since I’ve been back in the ministry she has not been able to join me, thus in all her going and doing in the Home Health Care industry even though she does a lot of good, her patients love her and she loves seeing them restored in their health she is not fulfilling her core purpose and calling from the Lord because she is to be with me in the ministry.

So this April we are beginning to take the initial steps of stepping out in faith of her being with me back in full-time ministry. She will be going with me to Nepal for two weeks taking a unpaid leave of absence. I’m really excited about this!

Yes, change is coming.

Whatever changes you need to see take place in your life here is a good encouraging word for you:

Faith is not believing that God can, It is knowing He will.




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